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Myoko Onsen is a hot spring town situated at the entrance of Myoko Kogen. It is located at the foot of Mt Myoko and was founded in 1911. It was opened originally as part of Akakura Onsen, but in 1921 the area succeeded in getting hotspring water from the southern Jigokudani area at the foot of Mt. Myoko, and has since prospered as a seperate hot spring area.

Myoko Onsen is 1km from Myoko Kogen station as well as the Joshinetsu Expressway. It is very simple and convenient to get to the Myoko Onsen area. Myoko Onsen boasts some of the best views of Mt Myoko. You are guarenteed some stunning vistas from your hotel window. It is a convenient base for sightseeing and for business use in all seasons.

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Popular tourist spots

Imori Pond

Beautiful in every season.

Mt Myoko & Mt Hiuchi

Mt Myoko (2454m) & Mt Hiuchi (2462m) 

Apa Resort Illumination

From July to mid November the worlds largest outdoor illumination display.

Naena Waterfall

Thundering waterfall and scenic spot.


Stunning area to enjoy nature.

Sky Cable

See amazing panoramas of Myoko.

Suginohara Gondola

See the amazing Autumn leaves.

Seki Sho

Traditional area of Myoko Onsen.

Myoko Ski Areas


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